Thursday, June 30, 2011

Basketball Champs!

Dan and some of him buddies have been playing in a Basketball league this summer. It has been so much fun to watch. Today was the championship game and they WON!!!! It was such a good and intense game. They had to play two games tonight. The first game was really good and they won by 4 in overtime. The championship game started out a little rough...the guys were pretty tired from the first game and it was 10:00pm. They were down by 10 at half time but that is when the game got good. Sometimes the games turn out to be a blood bath and today was one of those games. Dans good friend Jeff tore his achilles tendon and had to be taken to the hospital and Wes, another buddy, got hit so hard he got a bloody nose and a fat lip. Things were getting pretty rough. They were down by one with about 5 min left when Dan hit a 3 pointer and put them up by 2. Toward the end of the game they were tied and dan got fouled with 3 seconds left and made both shots....Yeah Dan. He played so well along with the rest of his team. We love these guys and cant wait for another season. Congrats Boys!!!
Steve, Chris, Rob, Todd, Dan, Wes and the two missing are Jeff and Matt
Kami wearing team colors:)

Kami and I love hanging out with all the wives. Its a blast. And we
love Aunt Emily.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cute Little Kami

Just have a few cute picture of Kami. I cant believe how big she is getting.
Hanging out and watching TV with dad
Rachel took these cute pictures for us
she is so great

Kami loves her car seat:)

Hoover Love

So since dan and I have been married we have just this small vacuum that does not really work so well. This morning we were cleaning our house and I was getting so frustrated while vacuuming because for the longest time I have felt like our vacuum has not been doing a very good job. I told dan that we needed to go and get a new one....and we did. I now have Hoover Love. I vacuumed with our crappy vacuum this morning and then came home and did it again with the Hoover and this is what it picked up. I know that is gross...don't judge. But as you can see it was the best purchase we have made in a long time.

Kami loves the Hoover

First Day of Summer

This summer has already been so much fun and full of pool time. We try to get to the Bountiful Rec Center at least once a week if not more. We love to spend the day at the pool with friends and family. Depending on the day Kami either loves the water or hates it. I hope by the end of the summer she will be a water baby:)

Spending time at Ashley's Pool with all the girls and the little ones
How Kami spends most of the day.
Sid and Mabel posing for the camera
Mabel got a darling new Swimming Suit

Friday, June 17, 2011

2 Months

Kami had her 2 month appointment this week. It is amazing to see how much she has changed. She is now 11 pounds and 25 inches long. Tall and thin just like her daddy. She did so good when she got her shots. She just cried for one second and then was fine. I cried more then she did.
Things we now know about our little girl is she loves play time with daddy when he comes home from work. I cant get her to smile and talk as much as Dan can. She loves to play on the floor and loves to cuddle when she gets tired. She loves to go shopping with mommy. Becoming more and more like her mom everyday!!! She is talking to us a lot and we love it. And finally she LOVES to sleep with us. She is starting to get her own little personality and we love her so much.
This week I also got together with a few of my best friends and we had so much fun just sitting around and chatting. Its fun to get together and have our little ones together. They will all be such cute friends.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pool Time

This weekend we decided it was finally warm enough to go to the pool. I was so excited to put Kami in her swim suit. She looked so cute. We went with some of our friends to their pool and had so much fun. We wondered how Kami would like the water. She LOVES bath time so I was hoping she would love the pool. She did so good and loved it. She only cried when we would take her out of the water and the wind would hit her. We had a lot of fun with her. Dan, Trevor and Kelsey played basketball and "PIG" which was so funny because Kelsey was making the boys do all sorts of dance moves with the basketball. I wish I had some pictures of that. It was a great day at the pool. Cant wait for many more to come.

Kami sleeping Habits

Every time we drive anywhere Kami falls asleep 5 min into the drive. Most of the time when I go to get here out this is what I find. I guess the sun is just to bright for her. Maybe we should get her some eye covers.